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Friday, January 4, 2008

Ajax Frameworks and Libraries- Part2

23. FCKEditor
Open source
Rich WYSIWYG editor widget; can be swapped in for an HTML text area in one line of javascript code, allowing easy integration with existing web applications, CMS, wikis and so forth. Very similar functionality to TinyMCE.

24. Flash JavaScript Integration Kit
Open source
The Flash JavaScript Integration Kit allows for the integration of JavaScript and Flash content. Enables JavaScript to invoke ActionScript functions and vice versa. All major data types can be passed between the two environments.

25. Google AjaxSLT
Open source license (BSD)
AjaxSLT is offered by the innovative search solutions company that refers to itself as "Google". Google AjaxSLT is a javascript framework for performing XSLT transformations as well as XPath queries. Builds on Google Map work.

26. Guise
Commercial with free downloads
Java-based server side component model(similar in some ways to JSF, but simpler). Currently integrates Ajax functionality for greater responsiveness.

27. HTMLHttpRequest
Angus Turnbull (2005)
Open source(LGPL)
Simple remote scripting wrapper. Uses XMLHttpRequest and IFrames as well for improved compatibility.

28. Interactive Website Framework
Open source
Interactive Website Framework is a project whose aim is to support the various aspects of Ajax infrastructure in the browser. Describes itself as a framework for creating highly interactive websites using Javascript, CSS, XML and HTML. Includes a custom XML parser for highly readable Javascript. Contains essentially all the plumbing for making Ajax-based websites, as well as other common scripts. Provides a thread safe XMLHttpRequest implementation and a wrapper around the DOM making for more readable code.

29. Jackbe
Ajax rich client widget suite; can be plugged into any middleware technology such as ASP, Java, .NET or PHP.

30. JPSpan
Open source
JPSpan passes JavaScript calls directly to PHP functions. Heavily unit-tested.

31. jsolait
Open source (LGPL)
Set of open source Javascript libraries, including cryptography, serialization and deserialization, XML-RPC and JSON-RPC.

32. JSON
Open source; most implementations are LGPL
JSON is a "fat free XML alternative" and JSON-RPC is a remote procedure prototcol, akin to XML-RPC, with strong support for JavaScript clients. Implementations exist for several server-side languages and platforms, including Java, Python, Ruby and Perl.

33. JSRS (JavaScript Remote Scripting)
Brent Ashley (2000)
JSRS routes calls directly from JavaScript into your server-side language and back out again. Known browsers: IE 4+, Netscape 4.x, Netscape 6.x, Mozilla, Opera 7 and Galeon. Server-side support: ASP, ColdFusion, PerlCGI, PHP, Python and JSP(servlet).

34. LibXMLHttpRequest
Stephen W.Coate
Source available, protected by copyright
LibXMLHttpRequest is a thin wrapper around XMLHttpRequest.

35. Mochikit
Open source
Mochikit is a set of libraries whose highlights include logging, visual effects, asynchronous task management, string and date/time formatting and a "painless" DOM manipulation API that makes heavy use of JavaScript's built-in Array objects and JSON-like notation to represent the DOM.

36. netWindows
Open source
Complete DHTML desktop/windowing environment inside the browser. Code is purely standards-based, with no browser hacks. Contains a "signals and slots" messaging implementation, modeled after Trolltech's Qt widgets and the Small-talk language; also available as a standalone library.

37. Oddpost
JavaScript widget suite; includes fully functional rich e-mail client. Now part of Yahoo!.

38. OpenRico
Bill Scott, Darren James (2005)
Open source
A multipurpose framework with support for Ajax. Covers user interface issues such as animations, separation of content from logic through behaviours, drag and drop, and some prebuilt widgets, notably a data grid. Sponsored by Sabre Airline Solutions; has seen real world use. Built on top of Prototype.

39. Pragmatic Objects
Open source
Pragmatic Objects WebControls is a set of JSP tag libraries designed as reusable controls or components to enrich Java-based web applications. As opposed to rich but fat web applications, a thin client web application, at the end of the day, consists of nothing but a series of HTML pages, containing JavaScript and CSS codes that are rendered by the browsers. Current offerings consist of an "outlook bar", a tree widget and a control panel.

40. Prototype
Sam Stephenson
Open source
Prototype is a Javascript framework designed for RIA development. It includes a solid Ajax library and a toolkit to simplify use. Prototype is the JavaScript engine for Ruby on Rails, Rico, and Scriptaculous, among others. Prototype's JavaScript code is generated from Ruby, but the generated Javascript may be deployed in non-Ruby environments.

41. Qooxdoo
Open source (LGPL)
This is an Ajax user interface library with a large range of prebuilt components and a well-thought-out design. Includes widgets, layout managers, and portable PNG transparency. Also provides development support such as timers for profiling and debugger support.

42. RSLite
Brent Ashley
A simple component released as part of Brent Ashley's more comprehensive Remote Scripting work.

43. Ruby on Rails
David Heinemeier Hansson (2004)
Open source
Ruby on Rails is a general framework with strong Ajax support. Rails was still in its early days when the Ajax hype began, so Ajax may become increasingly core to the Rails framework. Generated most if not all of the JavaScript for widgets and animation in the browser. Support for calling server-side. Scheduling support. Current darling of the fashionable web development crowd, Ruby on Rails eschews the complex, over-designed, cover-all-bases strategy in favour of a straightforward, getting-the-job-done approach, with the help of a good deal of code generation. Has won over many Java developers for that reason.

44. Sack
Open source (modified MIT/X11)
Sack is a thin wrapper around XMLHttpRequest. The caller can specify a callback function or a callback DOM object. With a callback DOM, the response text is pushed directly into the DOM.

Open source
SAJAX routes calls directly from JavaScript into your server-side language and back out again. So, for example, calling a JavaScript method x_calculateBudget() will go to the server and call a Java calculateBudget() method, then return the value in Javascript to x_calculateBudget_cb(). Facilities mapping from a JavaScript stub function to a back-end operation. Capable of stubbing calls to numerous server-side platforms: ASP, ColdFusion, Io, Lua, Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby.

46. Sarissa
Open source
Sarissa is a JavaScript API that encapsulates XML functionality in browser-independent calls. Supports a variety of XML technologies, including XPath queries, XSLT and serialization of JavaScript objects to XML, in a browser-neutral way.

47. Scriptaculous
Thomas Fuchs
Open source
Scriptaculous is a well-documented visual effects library built in Javascript on top of Prototype. It includes demos, sample applications, and a drag-drop library.

Open source
SWATO (Shift Web Application TO...) is a set of reusable and well-integrated Java/Javascript libraries that give you an easier way to shift the interaction of your web apps through the Ajax way. The server-side Java library can be easily deployed in all Servlet 2.3+ compatible containers. The client-side JavaScript library can be worked in various browsers, as long as XMLHttpRequest is supported. SWATO uses JSON to marshal the data of your POJOs on the server side, so that you can access the remote data in any Javascript environment(HTML, XUL, SVG) easily by either hard-coding or by integrating with mature JavaScript libraries. Comes with several reusable components(Auto-complete Textbox, Live Form, Live List, etc.) that help you develop your web apps rapidly.

49. Tibet
Tibet aims to provide a highly portable and comprehensive Javascript API, so that a great amount of client-side code is possible. Pitches itself as "Enterprise Ajax" supports web service standards such as SOAP and XML-RPC, with pre-built support for some popular web services such as Google, Amazon, and Jabber instant messaging. Includes an IDE written in JavaScript using the Tibet toolkit.

50. Tiny MCE
Open source with commercial backing and some proprietary plug-ins
Rich WYSIWYG editor widget; can be swapped in for an HTML textarea in one line of JavaScript code, allowing easy integration with existing web-applications, CMS, wikis, etc. Very similar functionality to FCKEditor.

51. TrimPath Templates
Open source
JavaScript template engine for splicing together data and presentation on the browser.

52. Walter Zorn's DHTML Libraries
Open source
DHTML libraries for drag and drop support, and for vector graphics drawing of lines and curves by using DIV elements as pixels.

53. WebORB for .NET
Commercial with free edition
WebORB for .NET is a platform for developing Ajax and Flash-based rich client application and connecting them with .NET objects and XML web services.

54. WebORB for Java
Commercial with community/free edition
WebORB for java is a platform for developing Ajax and Flash-based rich client application and connecting them with Java objects and XML web services. Includes a client-side library called Rich Client System. ( The Rich Client System provides a simple one-line API to bind to and invoke any method on any Java object, XML web service or Enterprise JavaBean. Provides a special API for handling database query results; the server code can return DataSets or DataTables, and the client presents it as a special RecordSet JavaScript object. The object provides a way to retrieve column names as well as row data.

55. x
Mike Foster
open source
Veteran DHTML library, providing cross-browser support for animation, styling, events and other common functionality.

J.Max Wilson
Open source
XAJAX passes JavaScript calls directly to PHP functions. Use a JavaScript stub to call a PHP script.

57. x-Desktop
Open source
This project comprises a library for developing thin client application front-ends using a browser. It helps developers to create GUI application interfaces for Internet, intranet and extranet applications. x-Desktop features include the fact that it is browser bsed and that no plug-ins are required. It supports all operating systems that provide a DOM 2/JavaScript capable browser; offers a simple well-documented object interface; and provides a customizable desktop and window skins.

58. XHConn
Brad Fults
XHConn is a thin wrapper around XMLHttpRequest.


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